What is edu[music]ation?
It’s pretty obvious. Edu[music]ation exists to educate readers on the musical selection of this blog. Many genres of music will be reviewed, transmitted, and introduced through this site. Some of which you may have heard, some of it you may not have. Edu[music]ation derrives its life from the blogsphere and buzz of the musical internet, and redirects that traffic straight to your ears. So sit back, put on some headphones and enjoy.

How did edu[music]ation come about?
Edu[music]ation was developed originally as a simple playlist, consisting of 85 tracks that had to be heard. As I blasted my dispersed music collection in public, many people began to ask questions: “What band is that?” “I’ve never heard that song by that artists!” “Where did you find that!?” I couldn’t believe the ignorance of the general public on what I believed to be sounds that everyone ought to have heard. Thus, the 85 track playlist ‘edu[music]ation” was born to bring the musical knowledge to those that asked. Covering indie, pop, rap, techno, alternative, rock, and yes, even a little country, the playlist was distributed to those willing to listen and learn.
Since then, edu[music]ation has expanded, with “edu[music]ation 2: reaction” released to a select few, featuring remixes, mashups, covers, and rough cuts selected to inspire adventurism within music. Reaction was comprised of 55 tracks from artists at the forefront of pop, techno, and rock.
After finalizing the second installment, I realized that edu[music]ation would continue to grow, and needed a larger space to incorporate the ever evolving musical sounds that peak my interest. Thus, edu[music]ation: the blog was born.

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