Land of Talk

Alright, quick little review before I head off for the night. I’m trying to attempt at making a post as often as possible.

I discovered Land of Talk after listening to a radio interview with some prominant band. They cited this Canadian band as an influence and played a track from their album “Applause Cheer Hiss Boo”  released in 2006. the song immediately perked up my ears and I decided to check out their full selection.

Land of Talk’s lead singer is Elizabeth Powell, who with her sweet, yet edgy, voice commands the lyrics with stretched emotion. Complimented by great rhythms and chord selections, Land of Talk stands out for this review amidst a sea of indie rock bands. Their melody suggests a lighter undertone, but coupled with the hard chords of indie rock, and the lighter vocals, the band takes on a different sound that makes them stand out. The first album seems to flow from one track to the next seamlessly, which is one of my favorite aspects of a well put together album.

In 2008 Land of Talk released their second album “Some Are Lakes” with many more tracks then its predecessor. From a brief listen (to be expanded shortly) the album follows well in the footsteps and Land of Talk has continued with their original sound, but expanded their depth of tracks to include several slower melodies rather than quick, thrashy rock.

Land of Talk has apparently announced a 2009 West Coast tour, so be on the lookout for that. If they come by here, I for sure will be in attendance.

Land of Talk-Speak To Me Bones

Land of Talk-Summer Special

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