Ever wonder how empowered the person feels that discovered the acting talent of Johnny Depp, or the comedy of Will Ferrel? What about the vocals of Dave Matthews?

Well, no, I didn’t do anything like that. But back in 2003 I think it was, my neighbor at the time introduced me to a project he was working on. He had gotten his hands on fruity loops software and was using it to create techno music and upload it to the internet. Anyway, he suggested an artist for me to check out. A rather unknown artist to the world, but none the less, the guy was producing music to the online community. Who wasn’t back then, who isn’t now?

So what makes this guy that I found out about so special? Well, I picked up a copy of GTAIV today, and was looking over the credits, seeing what famous people were in there. I came across the artist’s name: Deadmau5 (pronounced Dead Mouse). I was amazed to see him listed as one of the tracks on the techno station in-game. Then, after a quick wiki look-up, turns out he was the top Techno producer of 2008 and won 3 awards. AMAZING.

And to think, 5 years ago he was unknown, just an average joe, loading up music to the internet to whoever would listen. Now he’s got his own label, awards, played at Coachella. Awesome. I feel empowered to know I was one of the relatively few who heard his music from the beginning. So, check him out.

Top 5 Deadmau5 favs:

  1. Cafe Del Spain
    A smooth ambient song with a good beat. Just the opening distortion sets the mood for the rest of the song.
  2. Haitus Fantasy
    A 13 minute mix of the original “Final Fantasy” theme music. Genius, Pure Genius. Turn it up for the bass!
  3. Faxing Berlin
    Just turn it on and drive.

  4. The Oshawa Connection
    Very well put together track, I especially like the squealing guitar sound.
  5. Xeogenesis
    A typical techno track. Good beat, nice transitions, and effects.

More of my favorite Deadmau5 tracks (from years ago) found here or here.

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