DJ Fergie Ferg-My Brains Your Beats: Album Review

DJ Fergie Ferg

This album review has been a long time in the making. DJ Fergie Ferg is an underground artist specializing in bringing the most distinct sounds together to form one hell of a song. With over 50 songs released so far, DJ Fergie Ferg is beginning to develop his style and sound.

DJ Fergie Ferg first hit the scene with amateur mashups and remixes to some of the more popular songs circulating the charts.  After numerous single releases, DJFF released his first EP “DJ School Drop Out” complete with 15 original mashups. Highlights include “How to Save an Overnight Celebrity” (The Fray- How to Save a Life vs. Twista-Overnight Celebrity) and the phenomenal “I’m Your Lollipop” (Lil’ Wayne-Lollipop vs. Jason Mraz-I’m Yours). However, DJ School Dropout was met with mixed reviews as it seemed DJFF was still developing his sound.

After a few more singles, a Christmas mashup release, and a new experiment in continues beats, DJ Fergie Ferg released a 24 song continuous mix album entitled “My Brains Your Beats.” With over 60 minutes of continues mashups with one mix flowing into the other, “My Brains Your Beats” follows suit of musicians like Girl Talk in providing excellent music for a  seemingly endless amount of time.

My Brains Your Beats

“My Brains Your Beats” is the definitive DJFF sound. 24 songs, 170 sampled tracks, and 60 minutes that loop back right to where it started create a musical journey through the mind of DJFF. As DJFF puts it: “I took other peoples beats and mixed them with my brains to make a ridiculous piece of work.” Indeed, the album is ridiculous. Who else would sample Sean Kingston, Dexy’s Midnight Runner, Naughty by Nature, Kanye West, Wyclef Jean, Akon, Nia, Lil Wayne, Yael Naim, and Wale all mashed over the sound of “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King? Ridiculous? Well, check it out for yourself in the track “Pink Pajamas Penguins On The Bottom.”

The album continues to flow from beginning to end with crazy mashups and mixes of songs and styles anyone in their right mind would never think to put together. Yet, its all those songs you love to listen to (and some you never knew) together in one place and getting along quite nicely as well. DJFF finds his genre and style in this album as he samples multiple songs and transitions them nicely throughout the 60 minutes. There are no amateur cuts and overlaps that didn’t flow which were apparent in some of his earlier works, “My Brains Your Beats” is on par with some of the best mashup artists in the industry, including Girl Talk. However, there is just one mashup I’m not all about in the album and doesn’t quiet fit in the flow in the placement. Lilly Allen’s “Smile” mashed with Ziggy Marley’s “True to Myself” doesn’t fit well in the lineup of mixes and the songs don’t mix rather well.

All in all, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this continuous style from DJFF, at least I hope not. As DJ Fergie Ferg settles into this new found style of mashups, remixes, and now transitions I expect to hear some more great sounds as he continues to increase his sampling library and creates more ridiculous mashups that continue to blow me away.

Check out DJ Fergie Ferg’s blog for downloads and descriptions of all his music at including “My Brains Your Beats”

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