Go with N.A.S.A. to Ipanema

I picked up this remix from N.A.S.A. a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Smooth sounds over a nice beat with soft, jazzy lyrics really calms and chills you out while you listen. I just imagine myself in some cantina-lounge type club, relaxing and drinking with a great view.

The song is a remix of “The Girl from Ipanema,” a 1962 bossa nova song that won a Grammy in 1965. Since then, many, many remixes and remakes have been put out, as I’m sure everyone has heard at least one version.

I suppose the reason I like this one so much is due to its great coupling with “Cafe del Spain” by Deadmau5, which is another one of my favorit chill-out songs.

So, grab a nice cocktail, sit back, and relax to this great song. Also be sure to check out their other mixes, they’ve got a good sound going.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this song. I have been looking for it for a while! Joao Gilberto would be proud.

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