Kid Cudi


Keep an eye out for Kid Cudi, he’ll be hitting the mainstream lines harder soon. Haven’t heard his hit single Day N Night? You’re missing out on one of the best upcoming rappers in recent years.

Kid Cudi is stationed out of Brooklyn, but originally hails from Clevelenad, OH. Hitting the scene just recently, he is taking on rap and reshaping it to his fitting. What’s best is that it is unique, and sounds great.
“Vowing to put heart into every record” Kid Cudi certainly doesn’t disappoint. He’s got strong beats and mellow sounds to create a great experience while listening to his raps. Some of his stuff is being produced by Kanye West (Kanye’s recent style fitting nicely with Cudi). Expect Cudi to blow up after his mix “Sky Might Fall” is featured on the upcoming Transformers sequel.

Personally, Kid Cudi’s style brings back rap about life in general, and not just the fame and fortune. Cudi raps about his life, and makes sure that the emotion and soul he felt throught the experiences he shares is conveyed in the music as well. It’s not all just hard beats, strong rhymes, and catchy choruses (even though they are all there), it’s about the story.

Kid Cudi-Sky Might Fall

Kid Cudi- Switchin’ Lanes

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