Silversun Pickups: Up Close and Personal

SSPU and me

Just as I’m in the middle of writing a new post on the Silversun Pickup’s new album “Swoon,” I get an email from the local radio station. I’m a winner in an exclusive private, secret, studio show to go see SSPU live, up close, and personal.

It’s no doubt that SSPU has topped their first fill-lenth CD “Carnavas” with their new album “Swoon,” and it was proven to me just the other night as I sat face to face with the band and listened in to an entire set consisting of songs of the just released album and even a few of their previous hits “Lazy Eye” and “Well Thought Out Twinkles.” Within an arms length, I sat and enjoyed this Coachella-bound headliner in the company of only about 30 others as they played in the recording studio. Simply and amazing experience, just watch the videos below to see and hear. (Also got the picture above, autographs, and the handwritten set-list they used that night!)

Enough about the experience, let’s get to the music. Yes, SSPU has been compared to the Smashing Pumpkins, which is fitting. But in “Swoon,” SSPU develops there own sound, that is clearly distinctive and a bit more edgy and tough than the Smashing Pumpkins. Their songs also have more feeling and progression as the album flows than before, yet still delivers a sometimes mellow, sometimes intense experience. The only downfall I find in the album is that the bass beats all sound similar, but this is typical to their sound. To hear the band’s take on their own music, development, and style, check out the interview below.

All in all, “Swoon” is definitely going to be on repeat for a while. Some standout tracks for me include the hit “Panic Switch” as well as “The Royal We,” “Sort of,” and the lead off track “There’s No Secrets This Year.” Check it out, watch them at Coachella, and grab their albums for some great music.

SSPU keyboards

Click the picture above of SSPU keyboardist Joe Lester for more pictures from the show!

Check out “Lazy Eye,” “Panic Switch,” and an interview with the band after the show (last question belonged to me)!

SSPU-Lazy Eye

SSPU-Panic Switch

SSPU-There’s No Secrets This Year

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