Manchester Orchestra-Mean Everything to Nothing Album Review

Hailing not from Manchester, but insead from Atlanta, Manchester Orchestra’s latest album Mean Everything to Nothing is the lead singer’s journey into adulthood.

The first thing you’ll notice about the album is the emotion that comes through the music. Listening to it, you feel the music’s angst and anger at having to grow up, lived and lost relationships, and the struggles of adulthood. I wasn’t surprised when I found out later this is exactly what the muscians wanted to share and get across to the listener. Given that the album so perfectly gets the artists passion across, I give it a good review. Oh, not to mention the music is damn good as well.

The whole album is recorded live to give it the feeling like you’re at a show listening to them, or rather a private set in your car. Furthermore, there’s absolutley no break in the first 6 songs, adding to the overall feel of the album’s emotion and flow. If you get a chance, check out the review at, they basically say everything I wanted to.

With all that done, check out some of my favorit songs “I’ve Got Friends” and “The Only One”

Manchester Orchestra-The Only One

Manchester Orchestra-I’ve Got Friends


Drake’s not something i would normally listen to on a regular basis. However, a friend suggested I check him out, and after seeing artists like Lykkie Li, Peter Bjorn & John, and Lil Wayne all over his mixtape, I was sold.

Drake isn’t what you would expect seeing those names on his album. Drake’s rap style isn’t in-your-face, or hard beat dropping. Instead, it’s smooth, fluid, and real. As one of my friends would say “It’s baby makin’ music.” Pop this in and set the mood right.

That’s not to say Drake doesn’t have his great moments. In fact, he’s getting plenty of air play on the radio now (I should have gotten this review up months ago…). His hit song “Best I Ever Had” is getting great reviews, but it doesn’t do justice to the rest of the mixtape with songs like “Houstalantavegas” and “Little Bit”. Imagine a slowed down and more personable Kanye West, and you’ve got Drake. Check out the mixtape So Far Gone for more.

Drake-Best I Ever Had

Drake-Little Bit ft. Lykkie Li


Oh Those Sweet Female Vocals…

I don’t know what it is, but those female vocals in indie and alternative music get to me. I think it’s such a great mesh. So, without further ado, some of my favorite bands and songs reviewed that fit into this genre:


I’ll admit, I just got my hands on this album after the local station gave it a thumbs up and it got some air time. I’m not disappointing either. Vocalist Emily Haines provides excellent singing to a great sound the band’s already got going. So, give their track a listen, and if you want more, pick up their latest album (and most mainstream of the three albums they have) Fantasies.

Metric-Help I’m Alive

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Nothing new hear. If you haven’t heard of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I think you should just stop reading. They’ve been all over the airwaves for a while (at least to what I listen to). You’ve probably heard their song “Gold Lion”, but they’ve got a new album out with a hit new single. Check out “Zero” from the album It’s Blitz!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Zero

Company of Thieves

Again, a band I’ve recently discovered. I haven’t been able to check out much of their music, but they’ve played local venues a couple of times and I’ve heard a little airplay for them. I like the sound (and vocals of course) so we’ll see how they turn out once I grab hold of their album Ordinary Riches. For now, here is their song “Oscar Wilde.”

Company of Thieves-Oscar Wilde

Land of Talk

I’ve already reviewed their album on edu[music]ation here so I wont go into detail on their music in this section. Just know they belong in this category. In case you needed a refresher, here is their song “Speak To Me Bones” from their album Applause Cheer Boo Hiss.

Land of Talk-Speak To Me Bones