Drake’s not something i would normally listen to on a regular basis. However, a friend suggested I check him out, and after seeing artists like Lykkie Li, Peter Bjorn & John, and Lil Wayne all over his mixtape, I was sold.

Drake isn’t what you would expect seeing those names on his album. Drake’s rap style isn’t in-your-face, or hard beat dropping. Instead, it’s smooth, fluid, and real. As one of my friends would say “It’s baby makin’ music.” Pop this in and set the mood right.

That’s not to say Drake doesn’t have his great moments. In fact, he’s getting plenty of air play on the radio now (I should have gotten this review up months ago…). His hit song “Best I Ever Had” is getting great reviews, but it doesn’t do justice to the rest of the mixtape with songs like “Houstalantavegas” and “Little Bit”. Imagine a slowed down and more personable Kanye West, and you’ve got Drake. Check out the mixtape So Far Gone for more.

Drake-Best I Ever Had

Drake-Little Bit ft. Lykkie Li


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