Owl City Review

Is that the new Postal Service?

Nope, it’s Owl City, seeking to nudge into the teen market niche The Postal Service carved out. It’s hard to tell a difference with the elecctronic pop and repeat drum loops, and the faint, poetic vocals of the singer. All in all, he’s got a grip on the style though. Apparently relying on Myspace to gain grounds into this niche, he’s made it pretty far and gotten some air play with the new single “Fireflies”. I’ll admit, it’s a good song to chill-out to, but I fee like it’s missing one key element to bring it to the fame of the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”. For this reason, I’ll keep my ears perked for something great, and in the meantime I’ll have to check out his new album.

Owl City- Fireflies

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