KiD CuDi: Man on the Moon Album Review

Finally, all the hype of KiD CuDi’s album can be put to the test. It’s been a long time in the making, with several mixtapes, live recordings, and freestyles across the web, the public has a full length album to rate CuDi on.

And a full length album is what the kid delivers. 15 tracks that do just what CuDi’s album needs to do: tells his story, his own way. Everything I read about Cudi up until now has been mostly about his producer Kanye, and the influence West has on CuDi. We hadn’t heard anything from CuDi’s point of view, until now. Man on the Moon tells the story of the dreams and nightmares of CuDi’s rise to fame. It’s not an album where every track stands alone, instead, CuDi uses the whole album from one song to the next to tell his story, literally, with narration between and on top of some songs.

But what about the music? I’ll agree with what I see in a lot of reviews (those same ones that only mention Kanye West) in that Man on the Moon is similar to Kanye’s 808’s & Heatbreak. However, CuDi surpasses even Kanye at this genre of electro-beat smooth rap. Cudi does this in what I’ll summarize in one word: Versatility.

CuDi mixes creative beats from some of the top beat makers (Ratatat) with background vocals from indie stars MGMT, and a host of other guests that chime in all over the album. CuDi’s raps are mixed to electro-beats yes, but also to beats with some funk and soul roots such as “Enter Galactic” or even a more alternative guitar driven “Up Up and Away”. Undoubtedly, the album starts off slow, a little too slow for my taste, but in realization of the story told, progression of the album, it works. There are the hit singles thrown into the middle of the album (“Day N Night”, “Sky Might Fall”, and “Make Her Say”) which add to the story told.

All in all, Man on the Moon is the perfect debut for CuDi. Breaks away from Kanye, creates his own sound, and most importantly tells his own personal story. All this in an enjoyable listen.

KiD CuDi (ft. Ratatat and MGMT)- Puruit of Happiness

KiD CuDi- Up Up and Away (The Wake and Bake Song)

KiD CuDi- Enter Galactic (Love Connection Pt. 1)

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  1. i like the songs of Kid Cudi because they are a bit emotional and kinda hip -“‘

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