I’ve spent some time lately reading more and more blogs online, since I’ve had some downtime at work. I’d like to share some interesting posts I’ve come across in relation to the music-blog-o-sphere.

Music Bloggers Roundtable Redux

6 music blog godfathers, 5 years, and many insightful statements. That’s what this is all about. Five years ago, six godfathers of the music blog world sat down to discuss the music industry, blogging, and predictions about where the industry was headed.

Now, in 2009, they’ve reconvened to open and discuss the time capsule of thoughts they discussed half a decade ago. It’s very interesting to read what they have to say, their thoughts on the music industry, and where we might be in the next five years.

Give this a good read if you’re the least bit interested in music or the music blogsphere. The “godfathers” also have some amazing blogs and musical selections they’ve picked for the article. Check them and the story out.

David Gutowski publishes Largehearted Boy from deep in the American South. An indie evangelist in his spare time, his interests include music, literature, and cheese.

Sean Michaels founded Said the Gramophone in 2003. He lives in Montreal, where he works as a fiction writer and journalist.

Andrew Noz created Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes. He is a writer who contributes to N.P.R., Washington City Paper, and

Matthew Perpetua of didn’t start the first mp3 blog, but he usually gets credit for it. Now he is a full-time writer who makes part-time money.

John Seroff (The Tofuhut) took the Horatio Alger path from blogger to music industry type. He now does publicity and marketing for performance venues in New York City, including B.B. King Blues Club, The Highline Ballroom, and Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater.

Oliver Wang of Soul Sides is an assistant professor of sociology at CSU Long Beach, journalist/writer, and vinyl junkie.

Pretty Much Perfect

Pretty Much Perfect is a mixtape created by Scott Curtis for the website Pretty Much Amazing! which I am an avid fan of. I saw this post and hadn’t heard most the artists featured in the mix. Furthermore, the way Scott introduced the mixtape, how he picked them, gave me a sense that he knew exactly what he was talking about when he says:

These are 17 songs –all from this year, some still unreleased– that represent where I think the future of the site, and popular independent music are headed.

That’s a pretty bold statement, and I’m not entirely finished listening to the mix, but I would have to say so far I am not disappointed. Scott writes that he originally had 40 songs chosen, but narrowed it down to just this 17. For a music lover and blogger, I can empathize with how difficult that is. Scott writes:

It’s only a mix but it’s probably my favorite thing I’ve done as a blogger.

Which leads me to my next point:


Now Officially Official. I’ll toot my own horn here, but giving promo to them as well. Right around the time I started this blog, fellow students at USD began an internet radio station via blog. Officially, it was Unofficial, until now. Just these past few months, USDradio has gained enough notoriety and support to be granted a studio at the University of San Diego, and they are geared up to start broadcasting.

After nearly 700 students, alums, University staff and friends joined our Facebook group, and our site received over 10,000 web hits by the end our spring semester, we filed to become an official university organization.

I was really exited to see this dream become reality for this group, and sad that I had graduated too soon to be a part of it. However, I’ve been lucky enough to be granted some posting rights on their site and contribute as an alumni. I applaud all those involved in the creation and maintenance of this radio station and thank them for letting me have a part in its continued growth.

Look for posts by me on there!