edu[MUSIC]ation Presents: Internet Musicians Part II

In part two of examining musicians that have made their fame through the internet, I’m examining a duo who have recently created a buzz on YouTube with their quirky music videos and attitudes.


Pomplamoose is a music duo consisting of one part Jack Conte musicianship and one part Nataly Dawn vocals. In one short word: Amazing!


Nataly’s vocals bring serenity to the music, and the great music Jack plays just brings it all together for some great originals and amazing covers of songs you love. They’ll play anything from original songs with French lyrics to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. They do an amazing cover of Beat It by Michael Jackson as well, be sure to check that out.

What makes them stand out in the music world on Youtube is their unique sound, and style of videos. They make what Jack calls “VideoSongs” in which what you see in the video is what you hear (no lip syncing) and there are no sounds that you hear that aren’t shown at least at some point in the video.
This style offers a uniqueness to typical music videos. Not only do you get to see the musicians in action, but also some interesting filmography to show off their sound studio, instruments, and the other interesting ways they create the sounds for their style.

Youtube Channel
Official Site

edu[MUSIC]ation Presents: Internet Musicians Part I

In this day and age anyone can become famous on the internet. Whether it be an awkward singing voice on a song called “Chocolate Rain” or merely drawing a bunch of badgers dancing, mushrooms, and a snake, it’s possible to spread like a wildfire across the net.

However, few people have actually peaked my interest as far as internet musicians. Here is the first part of several of my favorite internet finds.


Somewhere on YouTube I stumbled across YsabellaBrave, a middle-aged woman who felt like doing some karaoke on YouTube. Recording on her Kodak camera, she simply sang over instrumentals to her favorite songs. It wasn’t soon after that her amazing voice shot her to stardom. I’m sure her beauty helped as well, but from just watching her raw videos and sound, there’s no doubt she has talent. Shortly after her YouTube fame shot her to the top of YouTube’s channels, she was signed by a record company. I don’t think any official releases have been put out yet, but she continues to record original songs and videos for YouTube. While I am not as big a fan of her original work, she still has an amazing voice.

Check out my favorite cover of hers here:

Official Site
YouTube Channel