ABC’s, should be easy as 123…right?

Ok, time to get this back up and running. For real this time. I’m going to activley post and look for outside contributors. So if you read this, and you think you’ve got something to say about music, by all means contact me.

With that said, I’m going to introduce a new series of posts to this blog that will hopefully keep me updating it often. I’ve got plenty of music, and plenty I haven’t shared on here, so it’s about time to get to it. Here’s the idea and the story behind it:

A few years ago I heard a radio station that was taking a break from its “random” shuffle of current hits and going on vacation. In the mean time, it set up its system to play its entire music catalog from A to Z. Simple enough, and it was awesome. While organized, the songs were very random, as they had collected a lot of music as well that typically wouldn’t get airtime on their station. So, edu[MUSIC]ation is going to do the same.

Each day (hopefully), a new post will be created highlighting a 1) song, 2) album, and 3) artist that begins with the a letter of the alphabet. From A to Z you’ll here my top picks in my catalog. Get it? ABC. 123.

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