B is for…

is for Blend

The second installment in ABC.123

That’s right, B stands for Blend; as in, the blending of musical styles to form something unique. I’ve scoured my collections of “B’s” and found a theme I could put together for this post. The song, artist, and album below all blend musical styles in their own way.

1) Song

Boyz-N-The Hood – Dynamite Hack (N.W.A. Cover)

Yeah, its pretty funny to hear an NWA song covered indie style. However, it blends well, surprisingly. So much so, other artists follow suit in the same style…


Ben Folds

Ben Folds even did a cover of Dr. Dre’s “Bitches Ain’t Shit” which you can check out below. Besides doing covers like that, Ben Folds has some amazing music. He recently teamed up with my favorite Youtube band Pomplamoose for a song featuring Nick Hornby (embedded below). One of my favorite songs by Ben Folds in his band Ben Folds Five is “Army”. Be sure to check out his songs, I’ve put several below:

Bitches Ain’t Shit – Ben Folds

Army – Ben Folds Five

Brick – Ben Folds


And who could forget the “Ode to Merton” via Chatroulette by Ben Folds:

3) Album

The Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z

I don’t think many people can argue against the fact that Jay-Z keeps doing things right with his career and music. The Blueprint 3 reaffirms his place among hip-hop and rap as it continues to blend old and new together to form amazing new music. I’ve listened to the album several times over, and it’s hands down great. Not to mention, it is PACKED with artists joining in on most songs.

Young Forever – Jay-Z (ft. Mr. Hudson)

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