Nom Nom Nom, delicious music with “C”

edu[MUSIC]ation presents:

Delicious Music with The Letter C

Part 3 in ABC.123

1) Song

Caroline & I – Kentucky Nightmare

Aw come on, you know I’ve gotta sport the home-state pride. Even if Kentucky Nightmare is from Illinois, I’ll let it slide, they’re music is good. I’ve only been able to find out limited information about them, and even fewer songs to check out. However, I’ve developed a taste for their laid back, indie, rock and roll style and I think you will too.

2) Artist

Civil Twilight

I actually found this band when I was in search for some new music a while back. I found a great site called gnoosic which allows you to enter music you like, and then it gives you suggestions on other music you may, or may not have heard based on people with similar interest. Anyway, long story short, I arrived at Civil Twilight.

Listening to them, you might think that I entered Coldplay into gnoosic, but that is not the case. After only a little bit of listening, you’ll be able to notice the differences and begin to really enjoy the mellow tones from Civil Twilight.

Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight

Is Anybody Out There – Civil Twilight

Human – Civil Twilight

3) Album

Carnavas by The Silversun Pickups

When Carnavas was released in 2006, indie and alternative music was changed forever. The Silversun Pickups hit jackpot with their debut album and have continued to rise ever since. Blending melodies, fuzz, static, and harsh guitars with eerily intriguing vocals, the band create an all new sound that has never been heard before.

I had the opportunity to hear them at a small live studio session as they made their way to Coachella a couple of years ago. It was an amazing experience to see such a skyrocketing band up close and personal as if they were still playing out of a garage. Pictures and video of “Lazy Eye” from the album Carnavas below!


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