D is for DUBSTEP

 is for DUBSTEP

What is Dubstep?
Dubstep is dirty. Dubstep is depth. Dubstep is drums.
Dubstep is dark. Dubstep is distorted. Dubstep is a drug.

Dubstep, best described, is audio thunder.
It’s the stuff Transformer babies are made from.

I’m going to deviate from my previous “alphabet” postings. I’m not going to post an artist, track, or album based on the letter D. Instead, I’m going to introduce you to the genre, and explain why I love it.

Dubstep has taken over my music this past couple of months. I found it through 8tracks.com, the site I previously posted about. At first, I was hooked on its electronic beats, and quick tempo, which allowed me to get through tasks at hand. However, branching out, and diving deeper, Dubstep has a lot more to offer. It takes electronic music a step further, highlights the lows instead of the highs. Boosts the drums and turns up the bass. The melody is no longer the center of attention, only the beat and drop. It sucks you in, and then melts your face.

An introduction:

However, Dubstep is not just limited to adapting electronic music into its own. No, not at all. What has astounded me the most is the versatility of the genre, and the creativity behind the artists creating the music. As much as I love the music, I think it’s the minds behind it that I enjoy the most. Sure there are mash-ups, remixes, and covers, but nothing takes it as far as dubstep in my opinion. The creativity is what won me over. Here’s a sample of the diversity of the genre:

Silkie – Jazz Dubstep

Home -Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero’s (Whole-Z Remix)

Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix – Terabyte Frenzy

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex

I could add more, but I think the point is made. Dubstep pulls from youtube videos, movies, current songs, or just out of thin air to create a new unique sound in music. Dubstep has been around for some time, originating in UK and slowly making its way over here to the states. Now, it’s gaining some mainstream attention as artists start to incorporate the sounds into their music. Even live shows are incorporating some dubstep in their set-lists.

Expect Dubstep to make it big soon.