After a long haitus, I’m back to post. I’d like to thank a couple of people for reminding me about this, and getting me back here. First, my dad, who always nags me for new music since radio where he is located is on a 3 month delay from the rest of the world musically. Second, Tom N., good to run into you man. I was surprised you remembered this and were looking for updates! Lastly, Alexis Z. for reminding me why I started this: to share and educate others on music that is out there in the world. I’m glad you found something you like on here!

So, if I remember correctly, the next letter in my ABC.123 posts would be…

The Letter G

As a reminder, I’m making my way through the alphabet, selecting the top three tracks, albums, and artists starting with the themed letter. I may deviate from this occasionally for special themed posts revolving around the current letter. However, today I’ll get back to the basics.

1) Song

Maybe it’s because it is raining. Maybe it is because this band/album has a special place in my life. Maybe it’s because Steve Jobs passed away today.  Who knows, but these are essentials to have in your collection.

God of Wine by Third Eye Blind

Gravedigger by Dave Matthews Band

2) Album

This was a hard choice. I don’t have many “G” albums in my collection, and of the ones I do, they are phenomenal. However, this one stands out as a turning point for both the genre and the artist.

Graduation by Kanye West

I would hope everyone has heard this album. It was a huge success, not only because it’s “popular” music, but because it is one of the most well put together albums I have heard to date. First, every track seemed to be a hit. There was no “ugly duckling” song on this CD. Second, you could tell this album was personal to Kanye. For once it wasn’t about his ego (although I’m sure the sells didn’t help!). I could tell that this album had a lot of heart, soul, and sweat put into it. Lastly, the production quality. I don’t think I could say enough about it. As much as I dislike Kanye as a person, I have to say this album is outstanding.

Good Life by Kanye West

Stronger by Kanye West (sampled from Daft Punk)

Flashing Lights by Kanye West

Side-note: After reading Spotify’s reviews on this album and Give Up by the Postal Service (my close second) I am very disappointed with whoever is writing those reviews. I do not agree at all.

3) Artist

I struggled with this selection. I had another artist in mind, but after looking more extensively at their catalogue, I lost interest after the album I had (thanks Spotify! I’ll feature the album next post). However, the following artist has consistently provided music my ears enjoy.

Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms: Then and Now

The Gin Blossoms are a band I can listen to anytime. Their album New Miserable Experience is one of my favorites. Not to mention, they dominated the airtime in my youth. In the 90’s they had many hit songs, and were doing very well. However, in 1997, the band broke up. Yet, it didn’t last long. In 2002 they got back together and have since released two new albums and have been touring as well. I’m glad they reunited, since it allowed me to see them in the early 2000’s. It was a great concert to just enjoy the music I had listened to almost a decade before. Their recent work (which I’m currently listening to…) sounds like what you would expect from Gin Blossoms. There is no definitive change in the band’s sound, but you can tell they have attempted to keep their melodies current. Regardless, I still enjoy it.

Follow You Down by Gin Blossoms

Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms (might be in my top 10 favorite songs of all time….)