Japan 2012, Finally, The Adventure Begins

I’m only a few months late in getting around to this. However, it feels so good going back and reminiscing on my trip. I previously posted pictures of my journal as I traveled, since access to a computer was limited and typing it would have taken too long. Here is the the beginning of the complete story, as recorded in my journal, in my pictures, and in my adventures.


Japan 2012

  1. Tokyo

    • Narita
    • Asakusa
March 15-16, 2012
San Diego to Tokyo via Los Angeles

I’m an alien, and this is a whole new world. Not just Tokyo, but travel in general. I thoughtt he prep work for this trip was foreign, but that was just the beginning.
Stepping onto a plane where English isn’t spoken is my first reality check. Hand gestures and mimicry is my new form of communication, and Korean Air accepts that, thankfully.
The 12 hour flight is brutal, but the 16 hour time difference is worse. I arrived at Narita exhausted. Two movies and a third of Braveheart will do that. Sleep came and went, but it wasn’t enough.

My view on Korean Air for 12 hours.

It also wasn’t great that I didn’t understand the customs and immigration forms. Once again, English not being the primary language is humbling. Luckily, customs was a breeze in Japan. The officer checking me through seemed both excited and surprised that I only had a backpack for my first, and somewhat lengthy, international trip.

I don’t remember much after that. It was a whirlwind of trying to find a location based only on Kanji I didn’t understand. Transportation here is a rush in every way, and I was also trying not to be obstructive.

Japan Travel Tip #1
Keep tot he left. Always. 

Left, always left. It’s more difficult than you think if you’ve been trained right your whole life, but you learn quickly. The bumps, sour looks, and puzzled face you wear help with the process.
Since I was falling asleep on the hour long train ride to Asakusa (which almost caused me to miss connections), I rushed to K’s House Tokyo Oasis as fast as I could. Being awake for nearly 20 hours was taking its toll.

My first iconic landmark spotted! Mos Burger!

I arrived, checked in, and then promptly went into a 14 hour coma.

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